Multiple implement punishment session                                      October 2017           

I met Miss Granger for a session last February.  She is a lovely person, warm and friendly, and had taken trouble to read everything I had emailed to her in advance.  In addition she spent quite some time with me before the session started, to make sure she understood what I was looking for.

I won't go into detail, but I finished my chat by saying that I would be disappointed if I went home without a bottom that was "humming".  Needless to say - I wasn't disappointed!

Her spanking and use of implements was hard and accurate, and her caning was perfectly on target.  She pushed me when I wanted to be pushed, and although I didn't want a discipline session (I enjoy being spanked just for the pain and the fun of it), I could sense that for those who like to be disciplined, she is just the person to do it.

I haven't had an opportunity to visit her again yet, but I hope I will be able to soon, as it was a very memorable session in all the right ways.

HEAD GIRL and teacher role play                                                     February 2017

A visit to Miss Granger is always an ‘out of the world’ experience. Today was no different. Out of curiosity, I searched and found the first time I had met her. That was on 29 November, 2015 and I wrote on British Caning Society:

   ‘I had the pleasure (or pain) of having a session with Miss Granger. I can see why she has such an enthusiastic following. Her attention to details and wanting to know what sort of role play made me tick was far more than I normally see even in the best disciplinarians. She can really bring role play to life. And post session she sincerely wanted to know how it went. The fact that I found the role play brilliant and the punishment a shade tough to take was noted by her and really wants to as her website says `hit the nail on the head'. She is also such a lovely person to talk to and so generous with her time, it's clear this is a passion with her.

    Can't wait to go and see her again.’

And thus a journey began. Today was my 8th (or is it 9th) visit and each visit brings out one more facet. Today, I finally was brave enough to ask for a cold caning and Miss Granger duly obliged. We were in role play from the beginning, when as a ‘perfect’ she came to pick me up from a tennis tournament I had represented the school in. (And yes, with her youthful looks she can easily pass off as a school girl). She offered to punish me for a transgression rather than report me to the headmistress. It was no easy deal, I had to suffer 12 cane strokes, 6 cold and another 6 on the bare after a hand spanking (and yes, she spanks hard, her hands felt like a paddle!)-my bottom was burning and this was a 5/10 on her severity scale (I play at the low end and Miss Granger tailors to my severity, though she has managed to increase my levels a bit).

After breaking scene and a short discussion we went to the ‘main course’ and an incredibly realistic (and painful) session followed. Hand, ruler and tawse warmed my bottom and hands and the role play was superb. Yet, I felt totally safe and managed to take another 12 cane strokes in the end.

We had a de brief, and then chatted a bit before being dropped off.

I marvel at the way Miss Granger brings a session to life. When she plays an angry part, you really fell that shade scared and you know a painful time is forthcoming. Yet, at no point do you feel that you won’t be able to take it. And the way she changes tone and looks and sounds different is amazing!

An already looking forward to my next visit-half the fun is in the planning and anticipation!

Review from                                                    january 2017

I have had the privelidge of sessioning twice with Miss Granger. She sessions from her own home, very discreetly. Although she looks stunning on her profile, she is absolutely draw droppingly beautiful in person.

Miss Granger is just into the CP side of the scene, perfect for myself as I love the naughty school boy role play.

Miss Granger discusses your requirements in depth before the session begins, but once the session does begin I find myself completely under her spell. She instructs me to udndress and fold my clothes before a good OTK spanking, which really does become painful in a short time. I then opt for other implements, slipper,cane, tawse and paddle on my last visit, all laid on with the full force of Miss Grangers right arm, whilst I am bent over in front of her. The paddle really pushed me to my limits, and by the time I arrived home my buttocks were black and blue. Miss Granger is also an expert at inflicting a stinging hand tawsing. Miss Granger also has dozens of videos available on websites linked to her profile, well worth the money.

GOVERNESS Role-Play                                                                            December 2016

My second visit to Miss Granger was booked at short notice. We agreed to continue the role play from my previous appointment with Miss Granger adopting her Governess role. I was summoned back to see her as my behaviour had still lots of room for improvement. 

The session started with a lecture, then Miss Granger produced her Scottish two tail tawse and told me to get on my knees. I was told to hold out my hands one on top of the other with my arms fully outstretched. My kneeling position, she informed me, was to allow a much fuller swing of the tawse so it would be much more effective.  She informed me I was to receive six strokes of the tawse...........on each hand! She told me to look at her eyes and not move. Failure would result in extra strokes - a theme she played throughout. The tawse was lashed down six times on the first hand before she told me to swap hands. No swapping  after each stroke to allow the pain to subside. My hands were stinging and red hot and this was just the beginning. 

She next pulled me up by my ear then told me to bend over touching my toes before selecting a crook handled cane from her large selection. She informed me I was to receive six of the best - a cold caning to show how displeased she was with my behaviour. I was gritting my teeth throughout.  

There were lots of lectures and at one point I stupidly gave some back chat. Suddenly there was a crack! She had just slapped my face hard without warning. This is not something we had discussed but it worked perfectly into the role - so realistic. Miss Granger made me take my trousers down and pulled me over her knee for a hard spanking. This was followed by being bent right over the arm of her sofa for a good strapping.

Her next piece of creativity was to have me stand on my tip toes with my arms fully outstretched with elbows locked. She selected a thin, whippy cane and told me I was to receive three strokes across each hand. If my heels touched the floor, my elbows unlocked, or I moved out of the way, I would receive extra strokes. She took her time lecturing me before caning my palms with quite a long wait in between each stroke. It is incredibly difficult to maintain position for so long with the pain searing through your palms, waiting for the next stroke to be administered. Miss Granger is definitely an evil Governess. I managed to suffer this with only one extra stroke being administered. Another six of the best was then dished out to my poor bottom, this time without the protection of trousers.

Once more I found myself kneeling in front of the Governess. This time she grabbed by chin tightly and put her face very close to mine and gave me a long lecture. She was so close I could smell her breath and she sounded venomous in her lecture. At one point I answered her back which resulted in another hard slap across the face. I was given another tawsing across the hands and bottom, this time with her three tailed tawse, before being dismissed.

After the session we had a good chat about what worked and what didn't. Everything worked perfectly for me. Miss Granger's acting skills, improvisation and no-nonsense immediate reactions to each situation, or to my back chat, made the whole session so realistic. During the session, Miss Granger pushed me all the time, but never in an unsafe way. The punishment was hard but very accurate, especially on the hands which is something that usually makes me nervous, but every stroke landed just where it was supposed to land. Even the face slaps connected in the perfect place and were quite severe, but left no visible marks.

This Lady is a real gem and I'm so glad I took the step to make contact. When you see someone on film that looks the part, you can't tell if they are just good because of the editing. Miss Granger is the real deal. I, for one, will be hoping to return many times in the future. 

Lazy Tenant Role Play                                                                       September 2016

Miss Granger is the best disciplinarian I have ever met!

From the moment I contacted her, Miss Granger was friendly and curious about what made me tick. We talked on the phone and scheduled a domestic spanking session. She greeted me warmly and I immediately felt at ease. We talked and she asked a lot of questions, some of which I had never pondered, in order to make the session perfect… and it was the best, funniest, most painful hour of my entire life.

She literally became the person from my scenario, took command of the situation and read me like an open book. I was scolded, placed over her knee and had my bottom bared. From there on in, every implement I had mentioned was expertly applied to my bottom. I was bent over, placed in the corner, pulled by the ear, scolded face to face, and ended up over her knee again for an almighty volley with the ebony hairbrush.

I cannot recommend Miss Granger highly enough. Yes, she is gorgeous and has legs to die for, but I guarantee you will be too busy pleading to notice while in session. If you are at all curious about receiving corporal punishment, please make a visit to Miss Granger.

deep submission work                                                                       september 2016

I have known her for over 1 year now and in that time she has opened up my soul and taken me to places I thought I knew existed, but never experienced.

I have been searching for years to find someone who listens and takes time to unlock the dark secrets of my soul and encourages me to face up to them. She makes me look inwards like never before, she makes me wear my inside out and this can only happen if you have a true and understanding deep connection with somebody.

She achieves this by using her many skills, abilities and methods, which are put to good use in the sessions, it could be meditation, relaxation, deep questioning, open fun, but all sessions are always conducted with love. She looks at you with just love without judgement unconditionally. Rest assured however, everything you say, she remembers and she watches you like a hawk and if she thinks you are dodging the issue, running away from your own internal truth, she will expose your failings with surgical accuracy.
Mostly I have come away instilled with spiritual fulfilment, happiness, understanding and great internal strength, all of which has made a huge difference to my life. At times I have felt so overwhelmed I could push the sky away. There are however, times when she really hits sensitive spots locked away in the deep reaches of your mind that intuitively she knows are there, which is quite scary and you have to face up to them and deal with them.

This journey so far has given me a new lease of life. She has exposed myself to myself in such a way that my truth is now more clearer and transparent than anytime before and I am in great spiritual debt to her.

Life Coaching appointment                                                                          may 2015

I have been aware of Miss Granger as a highly skilled and strict disciplinarian through her work on caning websites for some time. More recently I came across Mis Granger's own website and what really chimed with me was that it offered real, authentic discipline.  I was looking for an experience that ran deeper than an occasional one off beating so I made contact and booked an appointment.

Miss Granger was extremely friendly and really understood what I was looking for. We agreed some objectives I have to achieve before our next meeting. The objectives are realistic and have made a real difference to me. We will work out other objectives at the next meeting. Miss Granger is very encouraging and wants me to succeed with the objectives but has made it clear to me that if I fail in these then Miss Granger will be very disappointed and I will be punished. If I really mess up then I will be given a very severe beating. I could tell by her tone that she means this.  Just to ensure I knew what would be in store for me I was given a spanking and caning.

Miss Granger told me that these were just a taster of what would be in store for me if I disappoint and I was left in no doubt a real punishment is going to be very nasty for me. Miss Granger is keeping an eye on my progress between now and our next meeting. I briefly thought about deferring one of my objectives by a day or so but the thought of making Miss Granger angry with me quickly changed my mind for me.

What this means is that I have achieved the state of mind where I am always conscious of the threat of punishment but am also trying to avoid it. I'm sure there will be the need for a spanking now and then to keep me in line but the threat of a real thrashing is keeping me in line.