Due to your requests I have opened my shop so that these products and items are more accessible for you.

If there is something you'd like, please make a payment via Amazon Gift Card for the amount of the item of your choice.  My email address to access my Amazon account is missjulianagranger@gmail.com.  Once you have done this please email me regarding the item you have purchased, so that I can organise preparation and delivery of your special item.


Worn Stocking or Pantyhose/Tights

£40 inc. P&P

If you can't visit me for a session to kneel at my feet or take sneak peaks of my beautiful legs while I'm beating you - why not own a pair of my very own stockings or tights that I've worn for long or short periods of time over my shapely legs?


£40 INC. P&P

Boy do my slippers get good use!  Being a sadistic Mary Poppins means that I will always find a dual practical use out of many of my belongings.

Own your very own pair of my sadistic spanking slippers.



Personalised Photos, just for you

£90 inc. P&P

A selection of 5 autographed photographs.

Photos are taken in the outfit of your choice with your favourite implement(s).  

A one off selection of images, that no one else will ever see but YOU.


If there is something that you'd like which is not in the shop, feel free to send me a request.  

Special Requests and Custom Items