Punishment to the soles of the feet by caning.

behavioural training

Are you aware that you can conduct yourself in a poor manner?  Could your attitude do with some improvement? Do you experience negative effects in your daily life because of this? Learning proper decorum can change one's life as it changes our personal experience - we receive in life what we project after all!

Transgender punishment scenarios

Does it feel more authentic to you to be punished as the opposite sex?  This is a common request I get and have found that this gets great results.

OTK Spanking

Over the knee spanking, slippering, paddling etc... There is nothing that has quite the physical and psychological impact as this. Punishment can be taken over trousers or pants or on the bare bottom. 

Role Play

This is one of my favourite and trade mark services.  Roles I offer include and are not limited to Headmistress, Governess,  Aunty,  Mother,  Nurse,  Wife, Girlfriend,  Strict Boss,  Gym Mistress,  Equestrian,  School Prefect,  Army Officer,  Sadistic Bitch.  I will consider any role play and find it really exciting acting out a role that I have not yet tried, so please feel free to ask.

Maid/slave training

This is ideal for the domestic setting.  This is a lovely chance to develop a relationship with your disciplinarian and find out what pleases her and hopefully not for you, that which does not!


Is there something you genuinely feel awful about?  Do you feel guilty and have you tried to get over it and after much contemplation you believe that you can't forgive yourself?  Let me help you face your demons and put the event to rest.  


Dragon Cane, Kooboo Cane, Rattan Cane, Synthetic Cane (mixed hooked and straight) Strap, Tawse, Birch, Crop,  Rubber Paddles, Flogger (heavy and light), Carpet Beater, Wooden/Ivory Hairbrush, Wooden Paddle, Wooden Spoon, Ruler, Slipper, Collar and ankle/wrist Cuffs, Hoods, Rope and Restraint Equipment.

Life Coaching

Are you aware of your bad habits and require someone to hold you accountable and be genuinely upset with you if you fail to reach your goals that you promised yourself?  Real tangible support like punishment can do wonders to our focus. 

Mouth soaping

Corporal Punishment

This can involve any role play and any implement of your choosing.  Cane, Strap, Tawse, Crop, Whip, Flogger, Carpet beater etc.

Husband / Wife Training

Is your husband or wife not playing their part in the relationship?  Are you feeling so very close to each other or is there an issue that needs to be straightened out?  Spouse training can bring a relationship back on course with renewed vigour.  I also offer a service where I can train you to submit to or dominate your other half in a way that fulfils you both.

Judicial Punishment

I have a reputation for the severe and this is a service not for the faint hearted.  This will be every bit the real deal. 

Beginners to the extreme Player

I cater for both.

Severity to suit your requirements

Even though I am known for my severe, heavy handed approach I cater for all.   This goes for my role playing style too.  I cater from the cold, distant, disciplinarian to the more nurturing and firm Aunt.


For those who love to be thoroughly and utterly stripped down and humiliated in a safe and secure environment.