Miss Granger

my  Mission Statement

To uphold my highest standards of authenticity and integrity.

To provide the best quality of service and care from my deep desire for my client to be 'heard' and understood and then their needs matched, in a space that is non-judgmental and full of bliss.


Dear Reader

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  I feel it a privilege to do this work for you as I'm trusted by you to know aspects of yourselves, which some of you never tell anyone else.  Trust me, this is an honour.  Therefore I feel it is very important that standards must be maintained and a high quality of service observed throughout.  As this profession is not standardised unfortunately this can lead to misuse of trust and there can be situations when we don't know who is serious or not or who to trust, who's in it for what etc.  

I want to hereby abolish the doubt.  Know that if you do me the honour of visiting me to receive my punishment you will be in the company of someone who will sensitively look at your certain requirements and be very easy to talk to and understanding in confidence.  But be warned once you are in an appointment, if you have requested a strict role play - you'd better say your prayers, you're going to get a fright - I'm not one to blow my own trumpet, but I am a very effective role player.  

The trick is - I actually believe its happening too...I believe you require punishment.

Best wishes,  


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